Nana's World


Final Battle 2011 in NYC!  It is at this event that we will find out exactly which roads who will be taking in 2012 and beyond.  As my Grandmother would say, "The giddy goat games are over" and for the executive commute here at Ring Of Honor Wrestling my friends, it is. ROH needs to show me the money!! Since we (The Embassy) are "In the money" already!  I mean, how much longer can stupid fools like the World-Champion Davey Richards, Jay Lethal and a whole host of others even think of not going thru The Embassy? In 2012 - The E will pick our fights and initiate a complete take over of this company's gold and financial system.
With that said, I must ask this question...Why Jimmy Rave??? Why didn't you consult with me? Jimmy, why do you want to be someone who wants to... Re-make a name? Or rise back to superstardom, opposite the only, longest running, undefeated man in ROH history, The Dominate Male Tommaso Ciampa? This Jimmy, can for sure be your doom under some unknown umbrella of lies, advising you to think independently. Especially opposite The Embassy in Ring Of Honor. Jimmy knows the seriousness I'm talking about, most of which you stinking fans will never see.
Final Battle doesn't have to be this way Jimmy. Remember when we used to take down those Shrimp Cocktails after the events and sipping on fine Champaign in the locker room, and eating award winning Pig Foot Stew (Ernie's favorite) with a soda on the side? This can all be yours again my friend. You'll even get to meet my Princess Mia live in person looking her sexiest. Just do the right thing. I addition, if you can't speak with me, because maybe you feel guilty??? Then my Barrister Mr. R.D. Evans will always be ready to answer any inquiries you may have about forfeiting this match on Friday night in the Hammerstein Ballroom, live on Internet Pay-Per View in Manhattan, our hometown away from home.
Forget it Jimmy, I'll pay you to just hang out and take it easy. Don't worry, we will work out some good strategy for your career once we move Tommaso forward with another opponent of value at this event, perhaps former World Tag Team Champion Salvatore Rinauro? I'm pretty sure we can outsmart and outwrestle him. This match is not meant for you Jimmy, I'm telling you...
Jimmy Rave you are my friend and I beg you! Pull out of this match!! ...Bless you!! Bless you!! Bless you!! My Twitter surname is @PrinceKingNana if that’s easier for you to express yourself to me. I'm in NYC all week at my apartment at the Trump Towers.... Bless you!!


Remember Jimmy Rave, there's always a spot for you in The Embassy, but right now you need to continue working out and get better at home because you’re obviously still on some heavy medications. We care about you.  Remember? EMBASSY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!