Nana's World - 11/3/11

Hello you peasants! (yes I'm a peasant hater)

This weekend is going to be really really really great my friends... Not only have I been so laid back lately  since I got a sweet tip on the Nasdaq and where MY Money is, it's also because I'm confident that at our third set of tv tapings in Louisville I will accomplish the vision I've had for The E with this edition.

The whole Embassy will be in attendance at both events and I look forward to seeing all your faces as myself The E and the Dominant Male continue our path to the ROH champions circle! Fools!

In the meantime while I get this lap dance from this sexy Dominican maid in my Manhattan sky rise (Maybe I should have not said that?) Follow me on twitter @PrinceKingNana as I keep you updated on all the ups and no downs of The Embassy.

- Nana