Nana's World

I just wanted to quickly update my blog since this past week was so exciting for "The E" fans worldwide. Being on national TV in this sport is not an easy thing to do. Yet myself and the Embassy make it look as easy as twiddling Dixie! That's why we have proclaimed our spot on TV. Did you see The Embassy debut on national TV with the undefeated Tommaso Ciampa going up against that redbone yes-man Andy Ridge? I’m proud of Mr. Ciampa’s work ethic and only time will prove what I've known since meeting and signing this young man to his ROH Contract.
In between wrestling and international relations, Princess Mia (who will be re joining me on TV one day soon) and I have been working vigorously on our new 13 room estate in the south of Ghana. It's been about a year since we started building it and we will soon be having our mansion warming which will have invited guest thru out Sports, Entertainment and the voodoo world (I don't trust anybody).
Attention Wrestlers, refs, women and men, in the Metropolitan area!!! If you’re interested in training to be in the sport email my office for more information on Embassy University in Brooklyn NY. Space is limited.
Until next time continue watching The ROH Wrestling TV presentation and putting other wrestling fans on to the newest American Pro Wrestling pastime which is ROH Wrestling.

Need more info? Link me @PrinceKingNana on Twitter or Fax my barrister RD Evans at 866 517 4558. He will ignore it as directed. Fools.