Top 10 Tag Teams In ROH History breaks down the top teams in ROH's history!



Ring of Honor considers itself the home for tag team wrestling, the place where true teams come to show their skills, and pursue championship titles that truly define who the best really are.  The Ring of Honor World Tag Titles have been held by 20 different teams, changed hands 29 times, between 35 different wrestlers, and without a doubt the most prestigious tag team championship in professional wrestling.  They have been held by teams like The Briscoes, The Kings of Wrestling, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong, the Second City Saints, and have been pursued by dozens of others.  So the question is: just who are the best teams in ROH history?  We here at have compiled a list of the ten best tag teams to ever compete in ROH based on their championship history, their tenure as a team in ROH, their impact on the division, and other intangibles:


1) Jay & Mark Briscoe


6 ROH World Tag Title Regins

590 Total Championship Days (including 275 straight days)

28 Total Title Defenses


Jay & Mark Briscoe have been part of ROH since day one and claimed their first ROH World Tag Title on November 1, 2003 at "Main Event Spectacles" when they defeated Special K.  Since that initial victory, the brothers from Delaware have gone on to capture the belt an additional 5 times & set the record for most reigns in ROH history.  They also hold the record for most combined successful title defenses, are tied with Aries & Strong for successful title defenses in a single reign, and are #2 on the list of length for a single run with their 275 day reign from March 30, 2007 - December 20, 2007.  They are unquestionably the face of the ROH tag division.


2) Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)


2 ROH World Tag Title Reigns

403 Total Championship Days (including 363 straight days)

12 Total Title Defenses


The KoW captured their first tag titles from Aries & Strong on 9/16/06 at "Glory by Honor V, Night 1" and held them for 70 days, but it was the reign that started on April 3, 2010 that puts them at #2 on this list.  Beating the Briscoes at "The Big Bang", the KoW would shatter the previous record for length of a single title reign, holding the belts for 363 days before losing them to Haas & Benjamin.  In that title run, they defended the belts 9 times and sit at #3 on the list with the total defenses between their two title reigns while sitting strong at #2 on the list of combined days of their championship reigns.

3) Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong)


1 ROH World Tag Title Reign

273 Total Championships Days

18 Total Title Defenses


Aries & Strong captured their sole Tag Titles on December 17, 2005 at "Final Battle 2005" and would go on to set the record for most title defenses in a single reign that, to date, has only been tied by the Briscoes, never broken. They are the duo that took the belts overseas for the first time and truly made them World Titles, defended against any team who stepped up to the plate, and defined the tag team division in ROH circa 2006.  The utter dominance of their sole reign certainly earns them the #3 slot.


4) The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards)


1 ROH World Tag Title Reign

253 Total Championship Days

9 Total Title Defenses


The Wolves won their only World Tag Title on April 10, 2009 in a Tables Are Legal match that aired during an episode of "ROH on HDNet".  That title victory marked the culmination of months of chasing the belts, of Eddie & Davey gelling into a true tag team machine, and ultimately redefined the tag team wrestling scene in ROH.  For 8 months, the Wolves absolutely dominated the tag ranks and racked up 9 successful defenses in their lengthy reign, including one in a brutal tag team Ladder War at "Glory by Honor VIII".  While Davey & Eddie have since entered into seperate pursuits, whenever the Wolves reunite for competition, the ROH faithful know that the hunt is on!

5) The Second City Saints (CM Punk & Colt Cabana)


2 ROH Tag Title Reigns

105 Total Championship Days

3 Total Title Defenses


Rounding out the top 5, the Saints were a cornerstone of the tag division in 2004 and would capture the first of their 2 titles on April 24, 2004 at "Reborn Stage Two" in their home state of Illinois. They quickly lost the belts at "Round Robin Challenge III", but regained them in the same evening, and would go on to successfully defend the titles on three occassions.  Their title run, while relatively short, was a major part of the summer of 2004 and combination of Punk & Cabana made their duo a must-watch whenever they set foot into the ring.


6) Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)


1 ROH World Tag Title Reign

175 Total Championship Days and counting...

4 Total Title Defenses and counting...


The current ROH World Tag Champs, Haas & Benjamin would likely rank higher on this list if not for their short tenure here in Ring of Honor.  Still, in the one year since they first set foot in the ROH ring, they have only fallen as a team on one occassion, ended the nearly year long title reign of The KoW, and turned away the challenges of The Briscoes, ANX, Generico & Cababa, as well as The KoW in rematches.  With their title reign in its relative infancy compared to the top four teams in the list, it looks as though WGTT are poised to keep on moving up until they claim that top spot.


7) The Age Of The Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black)


2 ROH World Tag Title Reigns

132 Total Championship Days

3 Total Title Defenses


The AOTF came onto Ring of Honor like a hurricane of blood & violence, mostly at the expense of the Briscoes, and captured their first ROH World Tag Title on 12/30/07 at "Final Battle 2007" also at their expense.  Their first reign, while short, did see them make their sole defense against three other teams, and the match in which they lost the titles also included three other teams.  The 2nd reign, started at "Up For Grabs", saw them put down to top-shelf teams before falling at "Driven 2008" on PPV.  The upstart unit made an impact on ROH that is still felt to this day, and that earned them the #7 spot on the list.


8) AJ Styles & The Amazing Red


1 ROH Tag Title Reign

175 Total Championship Days

4 Total Title Defenses


The duo of AJ & Red defined the tag team division in the early days of ROH.  Capturing the titles at "Expect The Unexpected" on 3/15/03, they would go onto succesfully defend them on three occassions, all against The Briscoes, with the 4th defense seeing Styles ally with Homicide after Red suffered a serious injury.  It was that same injury that ultimately forced ROH officials to strip AJ & Red of the titles on 9/6/03 and hold a tournament to crown new champions.  But their impact on the early days of the ROH tag ranks cannot be denied and that is why Styles & Red are at #8


9) The All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King)

10) Generation Next (Roderick Strong & Jack Evans)


Both The ANX & Gen Next fall into the same category as the two best teams in ROH to have never won the ROH World Tag Titles.  Strong & Evans challenged for the belts on three seperate occassions following the formation of Generation Next but were never quite able to make it happen despite their devastating combination of power, speed, and incredible tag team manuevers like the "Ode to the Bulldogs".  Sadly it doesn't appear that this is a team that will ever be able to claim the belts as their own.


The All Night Express, on the other hand, is a team poised to do just that at "Glory by Honor X" when they challenge for the ROH World Tag Titles against whomever the champion may be.  Over the last couple years since they united, Titus & King have developed into a top-shelf tag team worthy of standing neck and neck with The Briscoes, The KoW, and Aries & Strong in ROH tag team lore, and it is only that lack of a championship victory that puts them at #9.  Unlike Strong & Evans though, these two men are still a duo, still in pursuit of championship immortality, and will most certainly rise up to the top of these rankings with a quickness.


It would be a crime not to give honorable mentions to pairs like Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer, The Havana Pitbulls of Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero, El Generico, and all of the other championship teams that have fortified the ROH tag ranks over the years.  And keep an eye on the young teams looking to make their impact in the coming years as well, teams like The Young Bucks and the two teams facing off on SBG TV on 9/24: Future Shock & The Bravado Brothers.  All three of those teams are destined for greatness as well and will, in time, join the top ten rankings themselves.