by :
Kevin Steen


I haven't done this in a little while. And I see now that O'Reilly and Cole have decided to write down how they feel as they head into ROH's 10th anniversary show...in the main-event.

Reading their letters has made me realize that perhaps it's time for me to write down how I feel as I head into the same show...NOT in the main-event.
Everyone knows what match should be headlining the show this Sunday. It should be an ROH World Championship match with Davey Richards vs Kevin Steen. There is no denying it. Jim Cornette and the rest of ROH management can play dumb but they know it too. They simply refuse to let it happen because deep down they know what everyone else knows as well...when that match happens, I will become the most unlikely ROH World Champion ever.
But please, don't get me wrong, I'm very excited for this Sunday. It actually seems fitting that on a date such as this, I be stepping into the ring for a war with Jimmy Jacobs.
You see, Jimmy and I were good friends for a long time. We've even spent countless days and nights talking about ROH, wrestling in general, our careers, our lives, our future, etc...
Of course we don't exactly see eye-to-eye anymore but I'm glad that I will be able to share that special occasion with someone I'm close with. Because Jimmy, regardless of what you want to admit to yourself, we are much closer than you let on. Because you still have that darkness inside of you. Deny it all you want, it's there...the same darkness I have. The darkness that comes from having an entire company against you. The darkness that comes from being pushed out, and then being kept out, simpy because you don't ''fit in'' with the vision of the high-and-mighty corporate tools that run the circus.
Yet here we find ourselves...getting ready for a fight that will most likely leave us with memories that will haunt us for the rest of our careers...
Happy anniversary, Jimmy. It's time to celebrate.
But forget the champagne...
This Sunday, we celebrate with blood.