Honesty is my greatest virtue. Veda Scott simply cannot tell a lie. But my unfailing integrity means I have no choice but to be a champion for justice. If I see unfairness, I have to speak up.  It's true, this compulsion for truth can be a bit of a burden, but I choose to see it as a gift. My own superpower. It's why I went to law school in the first place. Maybe someday I'll step in and change your life.*
But today I stand before you myself a victim. 
I am a victim of Nigel McGuiness and Ring of Honor. I have been oppressed and, quite frankly, abused by these entities. And I am not alone. Look at Steve Corino, who continues to fight for his completely legitimate right to employment despite ROH's unfair and ILLEGAL attempts at termination. Where is our human resources department? Or have they been bullied by Nigel McGuiness too? 
While I was forced to take a month off from Ring of Honor to recover from my match with MsChif, I was apparently (and unjustly) dismissed from my position backstage interviewer. ROH replaced me with Larry Mercer, a fact I only discovered well after the deed was done. Some people - not I, necessarily - might even say Nigel placed me an an unsafe working environment...allowing me to be injured so he could wrench the microphone from my hand and keep me from questioning his leadership. Like Steve Corino, I have to ask: what did I do wrong? As a journalist and champion of truth, it's my responsibility to expose injustice. 
Most obviously, the abuses suffered by Barrister RD Evans stand as evidence of everything that's wrong with Dictator  McGuiness and Ring of [alleged] Honor. When I look at RD Evans, I see not just a brilliant in ring technician...but an articulate, compassionate, intelligent total package of an athlete who could potentially be the face of Ring of Honor. Just picture Veda Scott and RD Evans visiting children in the hospital, their faces alight and their cells regenerating in the presence of their favorite ROH stars.  But instead, Ring of Honor has established a consistent pattern of injury and abuse - and neglect. RD Evans might never recover full use and enjoyment of his pointer and middle fingers after the attack by Outlaw Inc. in New York City. We've already written off the pinky. And it's all because ROH allowed it to happen. RD Evans deserves justice (and whatever financial compensation might be incidental to that), and I promise he'll get it. 
It's incredibly poetic that Death Before Dishonor takes place in the birthplace of revolution: Philadelphia, PA. There's more than one sort of American hero, after all - and we stand strong in the face of tyranny. RD Evans and I WILL be in Philadelphia on Friday.  I've been working my blessedly unbroken fingers to the bone trying to keep up with the workload in the Barrister's office (and the managerial demands of an elite tag team like Marshall Law) while he rehabilitates. His bravery in the face of crippling pain has inspired me. And it's also inspired a plan to make a very pointed impact on Death Before Dishonor weekend. 
Veda Scott, Esq.