by :
Patrick Edwards
Greetings, Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Went and saw the new Spiderman movie, very awesome indeed. Would love to explore the idea of the whole fireworks thing, but it's just too friggin' hot to the tune of 105 degrees where I currently sit. I would like to use this week's blog to address a couple of things that I have read recently.
With any type of public display or interaction, people have the voice to share their opinions on that display, be it for or against what they see, hear or read. In addition, some people will also sometimes jump to conclusions as to what may or may not be real. In this case, reaction to my blog has been 50/50, positive/negative and  I honestly welcome both. I will say this though, one thing you will always get with me in this blog is honesty. This blog is not some forced or fabricated piece.
I'm not some corporate monkey. I'm a real person and not some member wrestler or management posing as some guy busting people's chops. It's very true that yes, I do in fact have the ultimate freedom to do or say what I want, primarily because I have another gig or job elsewhere and I don't have to walk on eggshells or worry about getting bumped or fired. In a small way, I consider myself to be the voice of you the ROH fan. Being a hardcore fan myself, I have been here for a long time and feel like the "suits" should listen to us more, let the product breathe and let it be what it is.
I took a shot at the dirt sheet writers last week mainly because these guys live to line their pockets with wrestling fan's money by selling subscriptions to their negative product that seems to blast everything in it's path. These guys who run these sites, write these newsletters and record these podcasts slam everything solely because the public thrive on negative talk and gossip. In their case, that's exactly what it is, made up, false information sometimes given to them by people who have an axe to grind, providing pure speculation that dirt sheet writers refer to as "journalistic analysis", which is a joke.
I've seen the way this company runs ROH and I don't always agree with the things they do, but I am also man enough to admit when they do things right to give us fans the best wrestling product they can.
The sheet writers have no idea what really happens on a day to day basis within a company such as ROH. In fact, they judge ROH based on tips from fans that attend a live event. Everyone's perception is different. One person might say, "Man, this company is failing because there are only 500 fans at this show." That person probably gauged the headcount and there are really probably closer to 800-900 people at the show. They also don't take into account that there are people watching at home on TV, purchasing iPPV events, merchandise, video on demand and sponsorship deals. I'm here to tell you folks, ROH has a lot of irons in the fire.
I'm not saying all of the sheet writers are negative, there are some that are very good at what they do, are fair and informative. Those folks know who they are and I give them props for their work.
The best advice that I can give everyone this week is "Like what you like because you like it. Don't read too much into what you like or let anyone tell you what to like or how you should feel about something. Let it be what it is for you to enjoy and f*ck everyone who tries to sell you short."
Dear ROH fans, as long as I'm allowed to write this blog and do things like I have been, I will always be in your corner to help keep ROH delivering the wrestling  just the way we like it.
In closing, I'm looking forward to meeting you all at the Milwaukee ROH live event of July 14th. It's going to be a great night in a historic building with a historic main event that will see Kevin Steen teaming with Jimmy Jacobs to face The Briscoes. Get your tickets today by clicking here.
Once again, look for me at the Milwaukee show and if you come up to me and mention the "Sidewalk Slam" blog, I'll reward your loyal readership with some free merchandise. I did this in Pittsburgh and as expected the "suits" got a little salty with me, but they'll get over it. This blog goes up in real time with no filter, so once I've said it and promised it, it must happen. 
Stay tuned and check back in next week to the blog as I will be hiding  some tickets and giving away a clue to where you can find these free tickets somewhere in Milwaukee.  Finders keepers...
Patrick Edwards