"The Sidewalk Slam" by Patrick Edwards

by :
Patrick Edwards
Hello everyone in ROH land, allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Patrick Edwards and I am the newest member of the ROH Family (albeit based on the feuds and matches that are seen on the ROH TV show, LIVE event and iPPV or if you've ever witnessed the interaction between Kevin Steen and Jim Cornette, a dysfunctional one at times, lol). Everyone whom I have met thus far has been great to me. I feel like I am joining ROH at the right time as the organization seems to be bursting at the sides with exciting things and I've been graciously given the opportunity to use this blog as means to announce my joining to all of you.
In fact, it is with great pleasure that I announce to you that this blog, "The Sidewalk Slam", is going to be coming your way each and every week and can be found exclusively at ROHWrestling.com, just like the ROH TV show! That's right, you'll get this, (whatever this is) every week! I'll talk ROH wrestling, life, love and relationships. Well, maybe we'll leave the love and relationships stuff to someone more qualified than I, besides this is wrestling dammit. Allow us to be your one stop shop for all your pro wrestling needs...
I've been a fan of wrestling and have been around the "wrestling industry" virtually all my life and though kind of a late bloomer if you will to the ROH product, upon 1st witness I was hooked. I was immediately drawn to the uniqueness of the characters, presentation and most importantly, the wrestling and the wide array of athletes that make up the deep locker room of ROH. I've recently been going through the ROH video vault as part of the "Ringside Membership" and watching a ton of great matches, past iPPV and LIVE events that have been uploaded from DVD and turned into a digital format for this feature. I have to tell you, if you are new to ROH or a current fan and want to get reacquainted, the couple of bucks every month for the "Ringside Membership" is so worth it for all of the content you'll get.
One of the things I've noticed after watching all of these past ROH events is the amount of top stars currently in the industry that got their start in ROH. From CM Punk to Bryan Danielson, ROH is where today's stars got their start. Looking around the ROH locker room, there is no telling who will be next, but rest assured ROH is producing some of the greatest wrestling talent and content right now and I am happy to be on board. 
In closing, I want this blog to be an interactive portal to you, the ROH fan and I'd like to welcome everyone to follow me on Twitter @pedwardshq and drop me a line or question. If your question/comment is featured or answered in a future edition of "The Sidewalk Slam", I might just have a cool prize for you...
Until next time...
Best, Patrick