by :
Steve Corino
10 years. 10 long years that Ring Of Honor has survived. I have bounced in and bounced out of ROH for the last decade. Feels like yesterday I was watching one of the greatest three-way matches of all time. For nine of those years I liked to create chaos and havoc. In fact, I started a riot at the 1st Anniversary show. But for the last 14 months, I have changed. Changed for the better some will say. Changed for the worst Kevin Steen will tell you. I know I have changed but at this moment, in front of this screen as I write this, I don't know if it has been for the good or bad of me.
ROH has changed also and grown with the times. Guys have come and gone. Some go on to other companies and come back. Some have left ROH never to be heard from again. But at no time could you say that Ring Of Honor is or ever has been boring. When it comes to professional wrestling, it has always been ahead of the curve.

We are days away from ROH's 10th Anniversary. I say "we" because ROH is not just the Sinclair Broadcasting Group's company, its OUR company. The wrestlers, the staff, and the fans' company.

Unfortunately this is the first time in a long time that I am not excited for an ROH event. All the matches will be great, don't get me wrong, but it is the grudge match between Kevin Steen and my sponsor, Jimmy Jacobs, that has me concerned.

Kevin Steen returning to Ring Of Honor is my fault. I get it. I accept it. I hear about it everyday. The men that he beats in the ring are mad at me. And I know that the management, are upset that I couldn't get the job done.

But why does Jimmy Jacobs think that he needs to get revenge? Why can't we move on? I am almost 100% and even though management is mad at me, I am ready to get back in the ring. Why can't we team up and go after the ROH World tag team titles? Why can't you just go back to helping me keep focused and guide me to the ROH Television title? WHY IS IT ALWAYS ABOUT KEVIN STEEN???

I did what I did. I did the crime, and did the time. I created the Monster that is Kevin Steen. I tried my best to keep the Monster out of ROH. But ROH is not all about Kevin Steen. Jimmy, you should know this. You taught me this. You are my friend and sponsor, but you are making a mistake. We don't need Kevin Steen in our life anymore. We need to keep going forward and not backward. He is playing games with our heads.

Kevin Steen calls me almost every day. And every day I don't pick up the phone. But I listen to the voice mails. He ends every one of them with the same words, "One day you'll have to make a choice. Fight me again, or join me and livE" I know what he means and I will not fall to the manipulation. But somedays, weak days, when I think he is right. Every day is a struggle and I am stronger than his words. Are you Jimmy? Please don't do this. This match, this fight, this battle can only turn out bad for you and I.

Why can't we just wake up from this Nightmare?

I'll be IN New York City. I'll be watching. I'll be worrying. Jimmy, you need to ask yourself, is revenge worth what we have gone through? Its not. That isn't a man defeated anymore talking. That is a man that realizes that sometimes you can't keep the Evil out.

You might be get revenge Jimmy. But at what cost?