So Sayeth the House

by :
Truth Martini


This is a special article, so I’m going to give it a special title.  Instead of “So Sayeth the Truth”, I’m going to call it “So Sayeth the House”. I want to dedicate this article to my union, The House of  Truth. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong have repeatedly  shown their strength and loyalty to me. At the last PPV, Showdown in the Sun, Michael Elgin took the ROH World Champion Davey Richards to his limit. Roderick Strong became the ROH Television Champion by defeating Jay Lethal in an intense, hard fought bout.

Now, I’m going to take you back in time…a time when I first met Roderick Strong. Roderick to me was a lost soul. He was destined to become the ROH World Champion but that dream never came to pass. He had numerous opportunities to become the Champion however he never fulfilled his destiny. Seven years in Ring of Honor…never a World Champion. Six months with Truth Martini…and his dream had come true as he became your Ring of Honor World Champion. Coincidence? I think not!
Michael Elgin was a free agent with no direction. A year and a half ago his journey to become one of the greatest wrestlers of all time began when he joined The House of Truth. Six months ago he won the “Survival of the Fittest” Tournament which guaranteed him a shot at the ROH World Championship. As you all know Davey Richards miraculously won the match at “Showdown in the Sun”, however in my opinion, which is the only opinion that matters, Michael Elgin will be a future Ring of Honor World Champion!
Roderick Strong, Michael Elgin, and I, as individuals, have talent that is indescribable but the three of us together, as the House of Truth, have talent on loan from God. When one man falls, the other is there to pick him up. When one man triumphs the other is there to bask in his glory. Together we are celebrated instead of tolerated. We have a bond that cannot be broken. Other people claiming to have such a bond say that they will die for one another, but the H.O.T takes it one step further, we will not only die for each other, we will live for each other. The H.O.T is not just a house…it’s a home. And that my friend is UNITY.

You meet thousands and they never touch you mentally or spiritually,  then you meet one and your life is changed forever. I am the ONE.