The Ring of Honor 2014 Top Prospect Tournament begins on January 4th, 2014 in Nashville, TN! Matt Taven - 2013's tournament winner - wasted no time capitalizing on his title of "Top Prospect," attracting the managerial expertise of Truth Martini and becoming ROH TV Champion. Now Taven is days away from making history as longest reigning television champion. 
Four opening round matches and the semi-finals will all take place in Nashville on January 4th.
The Finals will take place on January 25th in Pittsburgh at "Wrestling's Finest" - and not only will the winner be named the ROH 2014 Top Prospect but he will also shoot to the top of the ranks earning an ROH TV Title Match on Friday, February 21st in Philadelphia, PA at our 12th Anniversary.
Each of the eight entrants in this tournament caught the eye of ROH officials for a unique reason.  Some are powerhouses, some are high flyers. Some have impressed in past ROH matches, some are stepping between ROH ropes for the first time. But these eight man were carefully selected because every single one of them is a potential Ring of Honor star. In 2013, ROH rebuilt itself on a foundation of HONOR and athleticism. In 2014, the Top Prospect will represent the future of the best wrestling on the planet.
The fifth entrant: ANDREW EVERETT
As one of the most unique talents in professional wrestling today, Andrew Everett comes to Ring of Honor in the wake of relentless fan requests.  Wherever he wrestles, Everett makes an instant impression and leaves people talking. But all the potential in the world won't be enough to win the 2014 Top Prospect Tournament.  Fortunately for Andrew Everett, he has an incredible high-flying arsenal to back up his buzz.
Perhaps Everett's greatest asset is his unpredictability.  No matter who he draws in the first round, it's unlikely his opponent has ever faced someone who can fly so high and boasts a constantly changing lineup of dives, splashes, and other risky maneuvers.  Andrew Everett is used to wowing crowds and winning accolades.  But the 2014 Top Prospect Tournament is by far his biggest opportunity.  Ring of Honor is the best wrestling on the planet.  Andrew Everett is here to test the gravity. 
Want to witness the Top Prospect Tournament in person? Tickets to Nashville's opening and semi final matches can be purchased here. "Wrestling's Finest" in Pittsburgh will crown the 2014 Top Prospect. Finally, be sure to check out the 12th Anniversary where the new Top Prospect receives his guaranteed TV Title opportunity!