Border Wars 2013 Results!

Who left with the World Title? Who made their return? Details on those and more inside...
Ring of Honor Wrestling returned to iPPV on Saturday night with “Border Wars 2013” live from The Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto! With two huge title matches, an I Quit match, and a surprising return, this was another event that fans must check out on replay right here! Check out the detailed results below:
1. C&C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander) defeated ACH & Tadarius Thomas
2. Roderick Strong pinned “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett; Bennett was accompanied by Maria and at one point, Cheeseburger hit the ringside area and laid a kiss on Maria which distracted Bennett and allowed Roddy to hit The Sick Kick
3. I Quit Match: BJ Whitmer defeated Rhett Titus; Earlier in the match Steve Corino was ejected from ringside but returned later when, after Titus failed to restrain BJ, Whitmer had Rhett zip-tied to the ropes and was ready to hit him with a chair. Corino offered himself in Rhett's place to take the chair but Titus, to save Steve from an assault, said I Quit. Jimmy Jacobs and Cliff Compton hit the ring to assault BJ which brought out Jay Lethal & Michael Elgin which led to...
4. S.C.U.M(Jimmy Jacobs & Cliff Compton) beat KEVIN STEEN & Michael Elgin; During the course of the match, Lethal injured his knee on a dive which left Elgin alone in a two-on-one situation. Steen, to the surprise of everyone, hit the ring to help Elgin and took it to Jacobs & Compton. After nailing Compton with the pop-up powerbomb, Steen was rolled up while attempting the Package Piledriver.  As a result of this victory, one member of S.C.U.M will now receive a future World Title Match AND Steve Corino will rejoin the commentary team
-QT Marshall & RD Evans came to the ring and Evans ran down reDRagon for not being in attendance, demanded they be stripped of the tag championship, and as he was claiming he & QT should be named champions, the video screen on the entrance began to play a video, the lights begin to flicker, and “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa made a shocking return to Ring of Honor! Ciampa hit the ring as RD shoved Marshall in the way, Ciampa took down QT and began to rain down blows on “God's Gift”. QT ate a knee and ended up in the corner but as Ciampa went to deliver his vicious running knee, Evans pulled his client out of the ring to safety.
5. Non-Title Match: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards pinned GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori in a must-see contest
6. World TV Title Match: Matt Taven beat Mark Briscoe to retain after Truth Martini & The Hoopla Hotties distracted Briscoe
7. 1st Time Ever: Davey Richards beat “The Intrepid Traveler” Paul London in another must-see, hard-fought battle
8. World Title Match: Jay Briscoe pinned Adam Cole to retain; At one point during the match, Adam Cole collided with Senior Referee Todd Sinclair and knocked Todd out. Steve Corino hit the ring and offered a S.C.U.M shirt to Cole, Nigel McGuinness began to head to the back to get help, but instead turned back to the ring, crotched Corino on the top rope, and laid out the voice of S.C.U.M with a Tower of London. In all this, Jay recovered enough to hit the Jay Driller on Cole for the win.
The replay of “Border Wars 2013” is available right here and keep an eye on for more information about our return to Canada on Saturday night August 3rd!  
ROH is back one the road this weekend for a DVD Taping event in Belle Vernon, PA featuring a World Tag Team Title match between reDRagon & The Briscoes, Michael Elgin versus ACH, and The American Wolves versus QT Marshall & RD Evans! Tickets are on-sale here or at the door on Saturday!