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- Silas Young vs. "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin (c)
Michael Elgin's championship run promises to be marked by unexpected and exciting title defenses. And in Milwaukee, SILAS YOUNG gets his chance! Silas won the opportunity back at AFTERSHOCK with a victory in a 4 Corner Survival match.
This is the biggest opportunity of Young's career, which has seen him take on higher and higher profile opponents in recent months. Normally jeered by the fans for his brutality and sour attitude, this time around Silas Young is stepping in front of a hometown crowd! How will they react, and will that give him an advantage over the "Unbreakable" champion?
- Mark & Jay Briscoe vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
The most talked about tag team on the planet will be back in ROH for the entire weekend: THE YOUNG BUCKS! Internationally acclaimed and constantly upping the ante when it comes to innovation, The Bucks are former ROH World Tag Team Champions and always gunning for another shot at the belts.
But you can't talk tag team wrestling without the most legendary team in the history of ROH, The Briscoes. Still the record holders for most title reigns, Dem Boys know a little something about the strength that comes from teaming with your own flesh and blood. Sometimes it seems like Nick and Matt Jackson are one brain wrestling in two bodies. But Mark and Jay are just as connected and cohesive.
- Kyle O'Reilly vs. AJ Styles
On August 22nd in Milwaukee, AJ Styles will face one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions - KYLE O'REILLY! Although featured as a tag  wrestler in Ring of Honor, O'Reilly never fails to impress in singles competition.
In fact, O'Reilly is coming off the biggest singles match in his entire ROH career after facing World Champion "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin in Dearborn for the title! Although he didn't pull out a win, he proved to everyone that he has what it takes to excel as in the singles ranks and it won't be long before we see him in title contention again! The opportunity to take on the IWGP Heavyweight Champion one-on-one is the next step in O'Reilly's skyrocketing career.  Just on paper, AJ Styles vs. Kyle O'Reilly is a potential match of the year!
- Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs. Adam Cole & Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis
Former ROH World Champion Adam Cole will team up with his "Kingdom" partner Michael Bennett to take on the team of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Maria Kanellis will be in attendance to accompany "The Kingdom" to the ring on August 22nd in Milwaukee, WI.
At the SUMMER HEAT TOUR in Cincinnati this match was originally scheduled to take place. Due to an illness to Bennett, Maria Kanellis made a deal with Truth Martini to let Jay Lethal fill in as Adam Cole's tag team partner for the night. Whether it was a lack of chemistry, a battle of ego's between two major stars, or a distraction by The Briscoes, the team of Cole and Lethal were not successful against Daniels and Kazarian. Adam Cole has since told ROHWrestling.com that he seeks redemption on "The Fallen Angel" and company.
Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini vs. Bobby Fish vs. Cedric Alexander vs. ACH vs. Adam Page vs. BJ Whitmer
- Roderick Strong vs. Hanson
WAR MACHINE was poised to take over the ROH tag scene, but an unfortunate injury to Raymond Rowe has put those plans on hold - temporarily. Until then, we have now confirmed that HANSON intends to try his luck as a singles competitor while he waits for his partner to recover.
On August 22nd, he'll take on a former ROH World Champion: RODERICK STRONG! The seeds for this match were planted at FIELD OF HONOR. Post match, Strong and The Decade were antagonizing the trio of young athletes they'd just beaten. Hanson hit the ring with a baseball bat and chased The Decade. Now Strong and Hanson will square off one-on-one in Milwaukee!
- Adam Pearce vs. Tadarius Thomas
The Decade have been less than happy with the "progress" of Tadarius Thomas and Adam Page.  According to them, the young boys aren't learning proper respect fast enough. More importantly, they are disgusted by the flashes of frustration slipping through the cracks in The Decade. In the eyes of Whitmer and Jacobs, merely associating with these ROH veterans is a privilege for Thomas and Page - and they aren't being shown the proper gratitude.  
So they've called on ADAM PEARCE! Pearce has been tasked with showing Thomas how respect is supposed to be earned in Milwaukee. It's been quite a while since we saw Adam Pearce in an ROH ring and there's no telling what he has in store for Tadarius Thomas!
- Jimmy Jacobs vs. Tommaso Ciampa
This match pits two of the most unstable men in the history of ROH against each other! Moreover, Tommaso Ciampa will be 24 hours away from his world title match - who knows how keyed up the "psychopath" will be by then?!
Although Jacobs has been busy in The Decade recently, he always impresses in singles action. Interestingly, both Jacobs and Ciampa seem obsessed with the idea of being "overlooked" in ROH. This is sure to be an intense battle between two unorthodox athletes. And both of them will be looking to stand out and make the world take notice.
Tommaso Ciampa vs. "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin (c)
"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin has made it his mission to be the most competitive champion in the history of Ring of Honor. He has issued an open challenge to all former champions. He has pushed ROH match maker Nigel McGuinness to consider everyone on the roster a potential contender. But one man still feels he's being overlooked.
Tommaso Ciampa is obsessed with the idea that he should have been world champion at BEST IN THE WORLD '14. In his view, his title match against then-champion Adam Cole weeks before had a clear winner: Tommaso Ciampa. He should have won the title that night and gone on to BEST IN THE WORLD as champion.
But thanks to the interference of The Kingdom, Adam Cole retained the championship and - in the eyes of Ciampa - the "Sicilian Psychopath" has been overlooked ever since. After all, Elgin hasn't asked HIM to challenge for the title while he's issuing all these other invitations.
The obsession has grown and grown as he watches other athletes awarded title opportunities. Finally, Tommaso Ciampa had enough. He has demanded Nigel McGuinness make the match.
Caprice Coleman vs. Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini
Jay Lethal retained his TV Title at FIELD OF HONOR in a brutal cage match against Matt Taven. Now he's faced with a whole host of new challengers eager for a shot at the title! One such competitor is Caprice Coleman, who will receive a title shot  in Chicago Ridge.
Caprice was long known almost exclusively as a tag team wrestler in ROH, teaming with Cedric Alexander. But since he and Cedric agreed to part ways and focus on singles competition, Caprice has been looking to break out. Recently, he's come to the defense of some of the younger roster members as they've been antagonized by The Decade. But this Saturday is Caprice Coleman's chance to shine on his own!
Mark & Jay Briscoe & Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) & reDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish)
This year, four of the best tag teams in the world will all be involved in one match! None of these teams are exactly renowned for their ability to "play well with others," but they'll have to coexist at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR!
On one side of the ring, the Briscoe Brothers combine with the team of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Daniels and Kazarian have recently had a number of tag title shots. Obviously, the Briscoes want to be in that position themselves. Will they be able to unite against a common enemy...or will these personalities be too volatile to work together?
Even more intriguing is the team of reDRagon and The Young Bucks. While these teams obviously respect each other, they each think themselves the absolute best on the planet. The Young Bucks have traveled the world, "making towns" and winning titles. Their arrogance has fueled them and their success is phenomenal. They are even former ROH World Tag Team Champions! But at WAR OF THE WORLDS, they lost those titles...to reDRagon. Now they have to work together with the same men who took their championship.
Additionally, this match will be contested under slightly unconventional rules. If one member of a tag team is eliminated, his partner is also eliminated from the match! That means whichever team scores the first pinfall or submission will have the numbers advantage in a big way. Although no championships are on the line, you have to believe this match will have a major influence on the tag title scene. What if someone is able to pin one of the current champions?
- Cedric Alexander vs. AJ Styles
AJ Styles will take on a man who has been nothing but upside every moment he's spent in ROH...CEDRIC ALEXANDER!
This pairing has been highly demanded by ROH fans who have embraced Cedric Alexander as the future of professional wrestling. He never fails to thrill with his explosive style and goes toe-to-toe with every single opponent set before him.
This match could have huge implications for Alexander's career and is guaranteed to get lots of international attention thanks to AJ Styles and his position in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Some young athletes cave under pressure, but time and again Cedric Alexander has proven that when all eyes are on him, he will deliver beyond anyone's expectations.
- Adam Pearce vs. Adam Page
Roderick Strong, BJ Whitmer, and Jimmy Jacobs have spent months spreading the idea that they've been disrespected and under-appreciated in ROH.  As the backbone of the company, THEY should be getting title shots and opportunities - not a bunch of young upstarts who haven't earned it yet. Most of the ROH roster has stood up for themselves and their own accomplishments.
But other young members of the ROH roster have been more easily influenced. Tadarius Thomas and Adam Page have aligned with The Decade, serving as their water fetching, towel carrying "young boys" and occasional tag partners. Both have had moments where they seemed frustrated with their treatment, but in the end they swear they're happy to learn from their veterans and do things "the right way." fetching, towel carrying "young boys" and occasional tag partners. Both have had moments where they seemed frustrated with their treatment, but in the end they swear they're happy to learn from their veterans and do things "the right way."
Apparently, that's not enough for The Decade. So they called up an old friend: Adam Pearce.
The 5 time NWA Champion knows a thing or two about old school, old fashioned traditions. This weekend, he will take on each Decade young boy one-on-one! On August 22nd, Tadarius Thomas steps into the ring with Pearce. And in Chicago Ridge, Adam Page gets his shot at "Scrap Iron"!  What's going through the minds of Thomas and Page right now? Is it more respectful to bow your head and take whatever Pearce dishes out? Or is this finally their chance to stand up from themselves and fight back?
- Adam Cole vs. Hanson
Ever since they earned each other's respect in the finals of the 2014 Top Prospect Tournament, Hanson and Raymond Rowe have plowed through ROH as a cohesive unit. WAR MACHINE is in the midst of a rivalry with the Briscoes, impressing in every single outing with their incredible power and shocking agility.
But last week, Raymond Rowe was involved in a terrifying accident while on his motorcycle. As displayed in the photos that have emerged, Rowe suffered severe lacerations and bruising as well as a broken arm which will require surgery and rehabilitation. As of now, Rowe is out of action indefinitely. He has already assured ROH that he will be back as soon a possible - better and stronger than ever!
Saturday, HANSON will have what might be the biggest singles opportunity of his career - against ADAM COLE! Cole is the most recent former World Champion and undeniably one of the most elite professional wrestlers in the entire world. He's just returned from his debut in NJPW. In many ways, Adam Cole was a so-called "top prospect" when he debuted in ROH...and while not everyone loves his attitude, he has risen from "top prospect" to the top of the game. Now Hanson is in a position to start making is own journey.
ACH vs. Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis vs. Silas Young vs. BJ Whitmer
4 Corner Survival is coming to DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR! These matches are always completely unique and exciting, pitting athletes who might never cross paths against each other. From ACH's high flying to BJ Whitmer's no nonsense brawling, Chicago Ridge will host a wild mix of styles all in one ring!
- Roderick Strong & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Ethan Gabriel Owens & Josh Alexander
On a recent episode of ROH TV, the team of Ethan Gabriel Owens & Josh Alexander had the entire wrestling world buzzing about their outstanding performance against tag champions reDRagon. Immediately, fans asked they return as soon as possible - and now they're coming to DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR!
But they're facing a team of two of the most established ring veterans in ROH - THE DECADE. Represented here by Roderick Strong and Jimmy Jacobs, The Decade has a huge issue with young talent who haven't "earned" respect...and so they can't be happy about all the hype behind Owens and Alexander!
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Friday, August 22nd, 2014
The Turner Hall Ballroom
1034 North 4th Street
Milwaukee, WI
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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014
The Frontier Fieldhouse
9807 Sayre Ave
Chicago Ridge, IL
7:30pm Cst Bell Time
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