The Decade Calls An Old Friend...

At FINAL BATTLE 2013, Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong, and BJ Whitmer showed their true colors and united as The Decade. Disgusted with what they saw as a lack of respect and dedication in professional wrestling, they have made it their mission to rid ROH of unappreciative young athletes. 
While it is without question that the members of The Decade truly are world class athletes  who have helped make ROH what it is today, many people disagree with their methods for proving their points.  Some, like ACH, Caprice Coleman, and Cedric Alexander, have fought back and fought hard.  They've gone toe-to-toe with The Decade and refuse to be bullied. 
But other young members of the ROH roster have been more easily influenced. Tadarius Thomas and Adam Page have aligned with The Decade, serving as their water fetching, towel carrying "young boys" and occasional tag partners. Both have had moments where they seemed frustrated with their treatment, but in the end they swear they're happy to learn from their veterans and do things "the right way."
Apparently, that's not enough for The Decade.
BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs have been less than happy with the "progress" of Thomas and Page.  According to them, the young boys aren't learning proper respect fast enough. More importantly, they are disgusted by the flashes of frustration slipping through the cracks in The Decade. In the eyes of Whitmer and Jacobs, merely associating with these ROH veterans is a privilege for Thomas and Page - and they aren't being shown the proper gratitude.  
So it is time to call for re-enforcements. And when it came to who would be most suitable to teach these kids a bit of old school, old fashioned respect?
None other that "Scrap Iron" ADAM PEARCE!
Adam Pearce has build a whole career around appreciating and cultivating the traditions of pro wrestling.  He himself is a former five time NWA World Heavyweight Champion. His previous tenure in ROH would see him clash with the younger generation of athletes he found disrespectful. And now he's here to teach Tadarius Thomas and Adam Page some humility - whatever means necessary!
ADAM PEARCE returns for DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR XII WEEKEND!  He will be in BOTH Milwaukee and Chicago on August 22nd and 23rd. For tickets to Friday night, click HERE. And for tickets to Saturday night in Chicago Ridge, click HERE!