A Blog By Davey Richards
I love wrestling. A genuine, innate love that I've had since I was 10 years old. That love has never waned, it's only grown as I've aged. The premise of using your mind and body to pin, submit, and control another trained person who wants to do the same to you has always fascinated me.
A guy makes a lot of money right now calling himself the best in the world. He is very talented and sells many t shirts with this slogan. My hats off to him.
Another guy who used to compete here had fans the world round chanting best in the world at him. He was and is a huge inspiration to me, but myself, I never looked to make it a slogan or even have people chant it at me.
It's been in my heart since I first stepped onto a mat 20 years ago- I want to BE the best wrestler in the world. It's driven me, consumed me, even haunted me At times. It drove me to go live in Japan months after getting married. Find out while in Japan that my grandma had died, flew home to the funeral, and flew right back to Japan to continue to progress as a wrestler. No time to mourn- I had to get better. 
It drove me to leave the farm, drive across the country with no money, no job, no home to learn professional wrestling.
I'm that guy. Ask the ROH wrestlers, they'll tell you I'm that guy whose always late to the shows because I found a gym or dojo some where to train before the show. Barely making flights because I had to get that last sparring session in. I'm that guy- obsessed with this great sport.
Catch wrestling- the king of grappling arts has eluded me for far too long. I remember when Bryan Danielson and I lived together and he would talk about it, his training in it and it fascinated me. 
Working for NJPW I would pick Minoru Suzuki's brain and he would pick me part teaching me this great sport. 
Anytime I saw Josh Barnett, William Regal or Billy Robinson I'd have a million questions about catch. All these conversations and training sessions led back to one place- the Snake Pit in Wigan, England. The birth place of catch, where the toughest wrestlers ever were moulded, where the term professional wrestler is earned. The most brutal and unforgiving gym in the world.
So here I am again. Freshly engaged and instead of being home with my fianc√© I am on a plane to England to train in the Snake Pit. She is upset, sad her husband to be is leaving her. But she sees the gleam in my eye when I watch catch videos on their internet. She knows my drive to be the best. I will be the best wrestler in the world. Not to make money off the slogan or be told that by fans, but because it is in my blood. It is within me. I am a professional wrestler until the day I die, and I couldn't be happier about it.
Davey Richards