The Summer Heat Tour Rolls Into Philly This Saturday Night!

Sat, August 9th - Philadelphia National Guard Armory
In just a few days, Ring of Honor return to Philadelphia for the final stop of the SUMMER HEAT TOUR! We have a few new updates for August 9th as well as a full preview of the event:
- Prince Nana is making his on-air return to ROH TV! Nana has been busy working behind the scenes as the Ring of Honor talent consultant, but it's been months since we saw him step in front of the camera. Nana is always unpredictable and we have no idea what he intends to do once he gets to Philadelphia!
Plus 2 more matches to confirm:
Matt Taven vs. J. Diesel
It seems The House of Truth has gotten into the ear (and pockets) of ROH Head of Security J. Diesel! Diesel has interjected himself into several of TV Champion Jay Lethal's matches, and Matt Taven has suffered the consequences.  Now Taven gets a chance to introduce the big man to ROH in ring competition!
WOMEN OF HONOR exclusive match
At 7:15, a special Women of Honor match will precede the show. We can confirm this will feature the internationally traveled Sumie Sakai...and that as soon as VEDA SCOTT heard about this, she immediately filed a request for the match! You have to be there live to see this!
Philadelphia, PA
August 9, 2014
ROH World Championship
"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin vs Cedric Alexander
"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin is dead set on being the most competitive ROH champion of all time. He wants to defend his title at every opportunity against everyone possible.
He's issued a challenge to all former champions, inviting them to step up and have another shot at the belt. Elgin also insists that the field of contenders be opened to those who haven't had their chances yet. With that in mind, The Golden Gauntlet was held in Dearborn and the winner received and ROH title shot.
In the end, Cedric Alexander stood victorious and now he comes to Philly for the biggest match of his young career! All eyes are on this match - will Alexander pull off the victory of a lifetime and dethrone Michael Elgin?
ROH World TV Championship
Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini vs ACH
About a year ago, Lethal and and ACH squared off in an ROH ring at HONOR IN THE HEART OF TEXAS in San Antonio. This match marked ACH's rise as a singles threat in ROH as he started to prove he can compete with the absolute best in the world.
But this rematch has a whole lot more than pride at stake - the World Television Title is on the line! Ever since he joined the House of Truth and won the championship, Jay Lethal has been more calculating and vicious than we have ever seen him. And no doubt Truth Martini will make his "influence" known in this TV Title match. But this would be ACH's very first title in ROH. A win here will elevate him to the next level of competition.
First Time in ROH
The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian
Matt and Nick Jackson's busy internationals schedule means they are always a special attraction for ROH fans - and they always set out to steal the show!
Meanwhile, Daniels and Kazarian are diving into the ROH tag scene head first, taking on anyone and everyone to prove they belong here.
Daniels and Kazarian claim that their new addiction is competition. The Young Bucks are former ROH World Tag Team Champions and offer some of the most elite competition on the planet! This match is can't miss for all pro wrestling fans! It promises to be a showcase of the top tag teams in the world doing what they do best.
The Rematch
The Briscoes vs War Machine (Hanson & Rowe)
In Cincinnati, The Briscoes and WAR MACHINE faced each other for the first time. The match was indecisive as the team of Adam Cole and Jay Lethal hit the ring to attack both teams. This way probably the result of Jay Briscoe interrupting the new Iconic Champion Maria Kanellis just minutes before their match. Jay Briscoe still wants his "Real World Championship" back. A title that was taken by Adam Cole, then given to Matt Hardy, then renamed as the Iconic Title, and now has been given to Maria Kanellis. It's likely that Maria sent her "Kingdom" protege Adam Cole to the ring to attack Jay Briscoe for his actions and interruption.
Because of their involvement, the match was thrown out. Nigel McGuinness and the ROH fan base are still very intrigued to see who the true victors would be in a match up between The Briscoes and WAR MACHINE. Since we didn't get a decisive winner in Cincinnati, the rematch has been signed for August 9th in Philadelphia.
Tommaso Ciampa vs Rocky Romero
This match is due to the results of the ROH World Tag Team Championship match at THE SUMMER HEAT TOUR in Cincinnati, OH. Because Alex Kozlov suffered an injury in Japan, ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness came out at the beginning of the show to announce that Rocky Romero would get a one night replacement for a tag team partner. It was announced that "The Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa would fill in and be the partner of The Forever Hooligan Rocky Romero.
Romero quickly learned that he couldn't trust the Psychopath. After reDRagon defeated the team of Ciampa and Romero, Ciampa got into a shoving war with his one night partner. Security was brought to the scene as Ciampa and Romero got into a post match physical brawl. Because of this altercation the two will square off in a grudge match on August 9th in Philadelphia.
The Returning Brian Kendrick vs "The Last Real Man" Silas Young
This is the first time we will see Brian Kendrick since his loss in the World Championship Tournament one year ago at All-Star Extravaganza V in Toronto. After a three year hiatus from the company, Kendrick returned and had a great match with Kevin Steen. Kendrick is a former lightweight division and tag team champion in multiple nationally televised wrestling promotions. He is probably most famous for his tag team championship run with an ROH Legend Paul London.
Silas Young is on a major roll as of late defeating everyone who he is stepping into the ring with. At THE SUMMER HEAT TOUR in Cincinnati, OH Silas had a career altering win in a no disqualification match against Kevin Steen. Silas was the only man to defeat Kevin Steen on his farewell tour from the company.
Silas is also a #1 contender for the ROH World Championship after winning a fatal four way match at AFTERSHOCK in Hopkins, MN. Silas will receive an ROH World Championship shot in his hometown of Milwaukee on the DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR XII weekend.
Kendrick vs Young certainly has the chance to steal the show in Philadelphia on August 9th. How will "Pro Wrestling's Last Real Man" react to the eccentric persona of Brian Kendrick? Silas is currently in the ROH World Championship picture, a place that Brian Kendrick seeks to return to after his chance in the Championship Tournament a year ago. With wins and loses meaning so much in ROH, this match up will go a long way in determining who will stay elevated amongst the top of the ROH roster.
MOOSE vs RD Evans w/ Veda Scott & Ramon
Quinn "Moose" Ojinnaka made his official debut as an ROH contracted athlete at BEST IN THE WORLD '14 during an interview segment where - perplexingly - Veda Scott unsuccessfully offered her guidance. That night, R.D. Evans was not in the building and we have no idea what he thinks of his personal legal advisor's interjection in Nashville.
But The New Streak WILL be on the line in Philadelphia - against MOOSE! Evans has already technically defeated the likes of Silas Young and even Michael Elgin (along with over a hundred conveniently undocumented victories around the world), but Moose is literally his biggest challenge yet. The former NFL offensive lineman has a bone to pick after Cincinnati - and you have to believe Veda Scott will be on the scene demanding answers of her own. Is this finally the end of the (other) greatest streak in the history of professional wrestling?
The Decade's BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs vs Caprice Coleman & Takaaki Watanabe
The Decade is all about respect and humility - while being anything but respectful to they own opponents. Caprice Coleman, a respected veteran of the locker room himself, has taken exception to the attitudes of Strong, Whitmer, and Jacobs. While they call for punishment, Coleman preaches positivity.
These divergent philosophies have also lead to tangles in the ring. Cedric Alexander has also been busy with The Decade, and Coleman - his mentor and former partner - has made the save on more than one occasion. This has left Caprice in the crosshairs of The Decade, but he's not one to back down from a fight - especially when he believes in the cause.
In Philly, he'll team up with a man young in his career but eager to gain every experience possible: NJPW's Takaaki Watanabe. He's here to make his mark in North America and grow as an athlete, and there's no better was to to that than under the wing of a seasoned veteran like Coleman.
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