It's Haas versus Benjamin at “SUPERCARD OF HONOR VII”
From the March 6th Newswire:
Nigel McGuinness is looking to sign "The Outlaw" Charlie Haas vs. his former partner Shelton Benjamin! It was inevitable that ROH officials would want this after what happened last week on ROH TV but Haas says that Shelton will never show his face in ROH again. "Shelton ain't coming back, he is gone from ROH and he is a piece of s****" explained Haas. "No need to sign the f****** match. F***, if you want to see a good match sign me up for a cheeseburger eating contest."
Well since that newswire last Wednesday, Match Maker Nigel McGuinness put the wheels in motion and it is now official that on Friday April 5th, as part of the “Supercard of Honor VII” iPPV event, it will be “The Outlaw” Charlie Haas taking on his former WGTT partner, Shelton Benjamin! ROHWrestling.com was unable to acquire any comment from Shelton but one has to assume he is on board with this bout if McGuinness signed it. As for Charlie, well he is never at a loss for words...
“That piece of s**** won't be there.” offered the former Tag Champ, “He's a coward, a failure, and damn noose around my neck. Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team my ass! Should have called the team Charlie Haas and Wrestling's Greatest Leech! I could have had the same damn success with Cheeseburger as my partner, with Bobby Cruise as my partner, with pretty much any damn person on the Earth as my partner. Shelty doesn't have the guts to show up in New York, his tail is firmly tucked between his legs right next to **********************!”
The last bit of Charlie's words were edited for general consumption due to the graphic and rather inflammatory comments he had regarding his former tag team partner. Regardless of what Charlie may say or think, the match WILL go down on 4/5 live on iPPV: Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin, WGTT IMPLODES!
Tickets are sold-out but you can still catch all the action LIVE on iPPV right here on ROHWrestling.com or Join us LIVE the next afternoon Saturday, April 6th at 2pm for ROH’s FIRST National TV Taping in New York City (Click HERE for tickets), to see all the fallout from SUPERCARD OF HONOR VII!!!