World TV Title Match Official For Border Wars!

Can Mark Briscoe capture his first singles title?
This past weekend on "Ring of Honor Wrestling" TV, ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness set up an atypical 5 Way Scramble, pitting the five individuals who stood up for ROH in the ten man tag at "Supercard of Honor VII" against one another with a shot at the World TV Title up for grabs.
The bout got off to an auspicious start as, before the match could even begin, Roderick Strong came out to question McGuinness' choice to include Mike Mondo in the bout instead of "Mr. Ring of Honor" as Strong likes to refer to himself.  Eventually a fight broke out between Strong and Mondo before the other competitors came to the ring but once it was settled down and Roddy was taken away from ringside, the action got underway.
Mondo, BJ Whitmer, Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander, and Mark Briscoe gave it all they had to earn the World TV Title match at "Border Wars 2013" but it came down to Mark scoring with the Froggy Elbow on Cedric to get the victory. Now it will be Matt Taven squaring off with Mark Briscoe on May 4th in Toronto...
"Matt Taven is the face ROH needs for TV." said Truth Martini to, "He is the type of man to draw in the female demographic, the male demographic, every demographic.  He is sex appeal and ratings and that's saying nothing of his abilities between the......ropes. Ask Adam Cole and Matt Hardy about Matt Taven's abilities and if they don't tell you he is the best they have ever faced, then you know they are liars. Mark Briscoe, the truth can hurt as we all know and on May 4th the cold hard truth is that it will not be your night to become a champion. You will not follow in your brother's footsteps and take Matt Taven's championship away from the HoT!  In Toronto Canada Mark Briscoe you will find out what the HOOPLA is all about!"
On Saturday May 4th World TV Champion Matt Taven, with Truth Martini at his side, will defend the title against Mark Briscoe at "Border Wars 2013" live on iPPV!! You can see all the action live as it happens by ordering here or if you're in the Toronto area, get your tickets now in the ROH Store!!! 
With the World Title on the line in Toronto, the World TV Title up for grabs, and with Marufuji & Ishimori in's safe to say honor is not only alive but is thriving!!