With a Master’s Degree in Broadcasting from the University of Miami, Brandi Rhodes could have chosen a less painful career path. The native Michigander was a proud Wolverine before choosing to further her education. And her education took her around the globe as a ring announcer and backstage correspondent. It also led to her meeting her husband, 'The American Nightmare' Cody.
But for years, she couldn’t shake her own dream: become a professional wrestler. And not just any professional wrestler. No, Brandi wants to be the very best.
Instead of using her immediate connections to ensure big paydays and high-profile matches, Brandi joined Women of Honor in earnest. Teaming with Sumie Sakai in Concord, NC, Brandi was locked in Mandy Leon’s Havana Dreams submission. But unlike those who came before her who tapped out, Brandi never gave up. 
Her instincts in the ring were never more apparent when, in front her family and many of her best friends, Brandi became the first wrestler to escape “The Gatekeeper” Kelly Klein’s End of the Match guillotine choke when she reached the ropes. After the bout, Brandi poured her heart to the sold-out crowd in her hometown of Atlanta.
Brandi promised to keep wrestling, keep training, and to keep fighting. Brandi’s journey is one to watch as she gains experience and hones her talents in Women of Honor!