Taller than a stack of pancakes and leaner than a pint of ice cream, Solo Darling is a sugar creature from the Enchanted Forrest that has satisfied Women of Honor fans’ sugarteeth since her debut in January 2016. In the most-watched video in Ring of Honor history, the charismatic, tailed competitor took the undefeated Kelly Klein to her limit and almost pulled off one of Women of Honor’s biggest upsets.

Since then, Solo has become a staple of Women of Honor, regularly appearing on Women of Honor Wednesdays and competing in tag team action along allies Sumie Sakai and Faye Jackson. The trio of Women of Honor stars have formed a colorful partnership and have quickly become favorites among the Women of Honor faithful.

Adorned in her signature furry boots, accompanied by her signature oversized lollipop, Solo relies on her mystery, sugary drink to provide her fuel throughout her Women of Honor battles. While many have asked, and even more have speculated, the mystery substance has not yet been identified but it has helped power Solo to victories in Women of Honor competition.